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Podcasts from elementary students

If you want to hear some good podcasts from elementary students who interviewed legislators, Georgia State personnel, and others at a Georgia State Legislative Appreciation night head over to these two students blogs:

On Emmy’s Corner you have:

Interview with Mike Metzler

Interview with Gail Davenport

Interview with Jimmy Pruitt

Interview with Barbara Meyers

And on Jhonny’s News you have:

Interview with Preston Smith

Interview with Nannette Commander

Interview with Roger Bruce

Interview with Jill Chambers

Interview with Jim Flowers

Interview with Allen Freeman

I think these fifth graders did a pretty good job for a first attempt at podcasting and interviewing!

Podcasts from fifth graders to second graders

I posted several podcasts on Neville’s Bloggers about the session with the fifth graders from J. H. House Elementary who shared their insights and words of wisdom to the second graders at R.D. Head Elementary. There is nothing better than listening to the voices of the students. They did an excellent job. I’ll post my intro again here and Angel’s podcast. I think his words really exemplify what we’re talking about when we talk about connections. Wow!