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Let those connections begin!

It feels so good to be back blogging with the J. H. House students in Mrs. Emmert’s fifth grade class! I wish you could have seen their faces as they read Harley’s great, big “woofing welcome”! This group peppered me with questions about Harley and his owner. They loved the creativity aspect of this type of blogging and they let their imaginations run wild. I asked them to think about things they were learning in class and what characters could make for interesting blogging. One clever student said he wanted to be a cell and inform others of all the good things he was doing for our bodies. Good thinking, huh? Lots of creative thoughts were flying around the room!

If any of you have student blogs already up for this year let me know and I’ll have my students comment on their blogs. Last week they commented on Harley’s blog. I did a quick intro on comment starters. The students are going to create some comment starters of their own so we can “bump up” the thinking when we comment.

One of my goals this year is to help them with their reflections and start that process of learning from each other. I need to rethink and add to this previous post, “Bumping up reflections”. I can’t wait to get these conversations started. Join in with us!

Harley barked to us ever so softly,

“I hope when I read your blogs and comment and ask you good questions,
then you’ll come here to read mine and comment to me. We can learn so
much from each other when we collaborate and make connections!”

So Harley gave us such a warm and “woofy” welcome!

Thanks Harley!!

We’re ready!

Let those connections begin!

boy and world

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A comment to ponder

Hi James,

I wish i understood why all classes aren’t AP classes. It
doesn’t make since to me. I’m in fifth grade and I can’t get a
challenge. How many AP classes are you in? I will probably not have
any. Even though I am at the top of my class, I’m going to a private
school next year. It costs $12,000.00. They don’t give homework, there
is no “No Child Left Behind” and no standerdized testing. How awsome.
Would you like to go there and why?


I pulled this comment from one of my elementary students who had made a comment on one of my high school student blogs.  This is what kept ringing in my head….

They don’t give homework, there
is no “No Child Left Behind” and no standerdized testing.

Hmmmmmm, maybe we’re not smarter than our fifth graders.


Make a difference

I started my day reading a post from Erica, a fifth grader.

why there is too much violence in the world. There are bad people in the world. Why the bad people do bad things to the world?  Why do people have to fight?

Tough question but one that merits answers. Here’s mine:


You ask questions that are very hard to answer but I want you to know that I ask the same questions myself. It is so hard to understand why there is so much violence in the world. One thing I want you to know is that each day millions of children go to school and go to bed and their lives are full of happy and good things. All the good things that go on in the world go on without making headlines in the news. I wish we would hear more about those good things that are happening. These bad things do happen though. That’s why we have police, jails and laws to protect us from these bad people. I do wish that we could find ways to solve differences by other means than fighting (like in wars).  One thing we can do is always stand up for what is right when we see bad things happen. I think if we try to help others and know that one person can make a difference.  You are doing that now by asking these questions.You are making us think. I also like the way you signed your post with love. We need more love in the world! We will all work together to make a difference!


Mrs. Davis

I’m reminded once again about the importance of commenting. Hmmm, I’m going to double my efforts there, especially with our students. We can make a difference…..

Scott asks “Know a great commenter?”


Scott McLeod of Dangerously Irrelevant has a post “Know a great commenter?” Well it just so happens that I know many but I would like to recognize three bloggers who comment frequently on all of my student blogs. Their comments are kind, helpful, relevant, and very thought-provoking for the students.

I nominate:
Lani Ritter Hall
Chris McIntosh
Carolyn (not sure of her last name)

For those who are nominated Scott has created a neat badge that you can place on your blog, if you like. Thanks you for making a difference in the lives of students.

Nominations like these are great but they also leave me thinking that I left people out so with that thought in mind I’d like to say a huge thank you to all commenters. You all make a difference.