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Reflective Voices

“Reflective Voices” is the name of the class blog I am using this year with the elementary bloggers. The classroom teacher’s blog is “5th Grade Reflections”. This is a great group of kids. I can tell it’s going to be a good experience. Drop by and welcome the students to the world of blogging!


I will be working with the class each Tuesday. We’re really focusing on “bumping up” the reflective skills of the students. Mrs. Emmert talks more about that here. I have been reading every thing I can get my hands on in that area. We’ll learn a lot from these students this year! Join us on the adventure!

Photo Credit: Through a child’s eye from Downtown Pictures’ Photostream

Green Stream


The “Green Stream” class blog made its debut today to the students! What fun! The students read the posts and then made comments. The classroom teacher is also an author on the class blog and she is already busy planning a post for our next session. It will be about paraphrasing. We’ll have the students blogs up before too long. We need to get all the forms in first before we have them blogging. We have lots of things planned so let’s see where it all leads. I posted details about today’s session on the class blog. It was a good start!

I finally designed a blog banner that I like. It has taken me forever to take the time to learn this and I am still at a very beginning level. I have lots to learn in this area but I am determined to persevere. It’s a good feeling to have accomplished this small step.

Oh I just know it is going to be another great blogging year!