Rationale for educational blogging

I was recently asked to give a rationale for educational blogging. I thought I’d share what I wrote and invite comment. Blogs are reshaping our environment. They are beginning to emerge in large numbers in the educational field and offer great potential to transform learning and teaching. It is about new literacies appropriate for this […]

Special issue on “Blogging as an Educational Technology”

Learning Technology is a publication of IEEE Computer Society. They published a special issue on “Blogging as an Educational Technology” My article “Thinking & Writing Wrinkles Bloggers” was accepted. Her paper shares a project where fifth grade elementary school students who used blogs to communicate with other educational bloggers. In her paper she looks at […]

“Am I Making Sense Here?”: What Blogging Reveals about Undergraduate Student Understanding

I’ve been spending time browsing through these open access journals mentioned on my previous post. The Spring 2009 issue of The Journal of Interactive Online Learning has an article “Am I Making Sense Here?”: What blogging Reveals about Undergraduate Student Understanding. This study examines how blogs can extend learning and facilitate transfer of learned concepts. […]

I miss blogging!

I am consumed with keeping all the pieces of this research on blogging into a manageable form that will be useful as we start this summer digging into all that has transpired and what it means. I have had much to learn about the research process and one side aspect of this project is that […]

Answering questions about being a change agent and change management in education

A very good teacher friend asked me to answer some questions for an instructional technology class she is taking. The questions are centered around being an “exemplary change agent” and change management in education. They are tough. I thought I’d share my answers and would more than welcome any input from other edubloggers. This might […]

Writing on Educational Blogs

The professor I’ve been working with who has just started using blogs with her students this semester poses the following question on Bridging Literacies: I would like to invite the readers of this blog to join us in defining the kinds of literacy and writing expected from teacher educators and their students on educational, as […]

Give them a good “blogging” welcome!

I love those moments in time when we get to meet face-to-face with others in our Bloglines accounts. Seeing Will again today was really special and it was fun watching the teachers enjoy his presentation. He always does a good job! Now he’s off to Florida for the EduComm Conference. I’m with him in hoping […]