It has been some time since I made a post here. I retired this past summer and I have been busy doing many things – exploring new avenues of learning, spending time with the grandkids, catching up on many projects that have been put off for far too many years, visiting family and friends, and just doing a lot of reflection. I have been keeping up with the blogosphere through my readings. but very little participation at this time. I will always miss blogging with kids in the classroom, maybe later. But for now, life is good!

I’m still involved in writing up the remaining research pieces from the blogging study Ewa McGrail and I particpated in together at an elementary school. It continues to amaze me how much time it takes to really put together good, thoughtful, authentic pieces. I learn more about this each day. Currently we are shaping one up on on how classroom blogging affects elementary students’ writing.

I’m participating in a Flickr group 2010/365 Photos and hoping that this will help me learn more about photography. I’ve only ever used “point and click” cameras but always wanted to learn more so I’m jumping in and having a lot of fun. The group is terrific and what a network of learning! I started another blog, T1i Insights, to catalog my learning on a new camera, the Canon T1i. I also created another blog, Anne’s 2010/365 Photos, to post the pictures I take. I do have much to learn so be aware you are just going to see some “beginner” shots! Feel free to make suggestions and offer advice – it is needed!

I’m headed over to comment on some blogs from students in Ewa’s Theory and Pedagogy in the Study of Writing class blog. The student blogs are on the blogroll on the right hand side. Join me if you feel so inclined!

32/ 365 -- Good Goals for Life by vanhookc, on Flickr
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