On The Daily, Stephen pointed us here. This post by Andreas Formiconi resonates with me. I think I am strolling though through those woods but oh the stops here and there have me thinking and exploring many side trips. I haven’t been able to complete a thing but I think that is OK for now and I am just enjoying the journey. I am working at trying to see if I can change some of the “old” thoughts of learning that I still carry around with me. Thoughts like completing all assignments, feeling that I have to “have something to say”, having a clear overall picture when I start, etc. I’m still trying to sift through and figure out how to make this work for me as a participant and a contributor. While I work at a university at heart I am an elementary teacher and as I learn I am always wondering how I can apply what I learn to be a better teacher and help students discover possibilities, too! I want the concepts of “connectivism” or whatever anyone chooses to name it to work in some way for younger students.

Here’s how I’ve proceeded so far….

First I read many of the introductions and thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of our group. It’s mind boggling. I plan to get through more of them. Then I had to take take a look at participants blogs….very interesting and helped me get a feel for the group. I’ve wandered through the Moodle forums. Then I have tried to read the materials and had to end up just scanning and noting where I wanted to return. The list grows. I was unable to get to the Elluminate sessions but did listen to the first one later. The Daily is most helpful and that led to some more side trips of learning.

It took awhile for me to download the CMap tools. I’ve only had time to take a brief look at it and plan to get back to it, hopefully soon.

Next, I’m going to try to carve out some time to comment on some blogs and other places.

Lastly, I have to say it is really strange to be feeling comfortable in a space that normally might be stressful for me. So either I am progressing or I’m totally out of it. Hmmmm.. maybe the lightbulb will come on later on that point but once again, I say thanks to George and Stephen for providing this opportunity.

Flickr Photo Credit: Mist Filled Morning from digitalART2’s photostream.