I am really excited about the beginning of a new year. I don’t think my schedule is going to slow down but I am learning so much. Digging into the mounds of material that we have from the research project has been rewarding yet overwhelming. I have been up and down so many paths that lead me to other paths of learning! As Juan, one of my previous elementary bloggers said, “Aw my brain hurts!” I’m there now but I have to tell you that the process is so worthwhile. It is excruciating, exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating all at the same time.

Here’s how I have been spending my days:

  • plowing through the data
  • discussing and re-discussing the data with my research colleague
  • studying the data
  • pouring over previous research to make connections
  • interpreting the data
  • learning from the data
  • struggling so hard to find just the right words to tell the story
  • backtracking to make sure things weren’t missed
  • finishing a piece or thinking you have finished a piece and then the lightbulb comes on and you’re down another path
  • coding and yes even still transcribing
  • exploring different paths for evaluation
  • writing, re-writing, and thinking about what will be written next

I could go on and on with that list but I’m sure you get the picture. I have a lot of frustrations with the slow process of writing and publishing research yet I am learning the benefits. Many thanks go to my colleague, Ewa. I think we are going to be contributing some very important pieces to this whole process.

Meanwhile I am going to try by best to get back to blogging, even if I still can’t always blog about what I would like to at the moment. That time will come… patience was never one of my strong suits.There will be light at the end of the tunnel!


Twin Peaks tunnel by Jeff Poskanzer’s photostream