I have been in so many new and different learning environments over the past 5 years and I have to say that it is an incredible journey. I still can remember the day I was introduced to blogs back in January of 2002. I remember thinking hmmm, this has possiblilities. I wonder how I could use these to get kids involved more in writing. Little did I know then how life-changing this journey would be.

I am currently working every moment we can schedule with Ewa McGrail, the professor here at Georgia State University on all the research data we compiled from the project last year. It is incredible the amount of data we have. We have submitted one article already, have lots more to work on. We are currently working on a book chapter. It takes a tremendous amount  of time and heavy thinking  as we analyze the data, continue transcribing and searching through the materials, the interviews, the podcasts, and many other records. Writing is grueling because you want to be so thorough and get the words right to capture the moments and truly portray what happened. Again I am learning so much and just processing all that is quite a lot. Sometimes I have to just step back, catch my breath, and say yes we can get this right. Ewa is teaching me a lot and great to work with as we try to schedule as many moments together as we can. That’s the other part – getting our schedules to work together when we both already have lots else going on at the same time. We both have it as a high priority and would love to be able to have this part full time but that’s not the real world, right? I still struggle with just what is OK to blog about and what is not. Anyway I just wanted to let you know why I am so “absent” from blogging lately. I am thankful I could be a part of something like this. We need more research in this area. As I cull through other research I am amazed at what I am finding that somehow escaped me before. As I said the learning part is absolutely awesome. I will get back to my normal blogging in time but right now it’s just too much.