Yesterday I spent the day observing in the classes and then in meetings with the teachers. I can tell it is going to be an interesting blogging project. Both teachers are going to be great to work with and I really enjoyed meeting and talking to the students.

Both teachers are brand new to blogging so they will be learning as we go. We probably will use blogmeister in the biology class and typepad in the other class. Both teachers want some control over the process and after a lot of discussion we decided to try these two programs. In one class none of the students had blogs or knew very much about them. Not so in the other – several students in this class had blogs on My Space. I think one might have had one on Live Journal. Kind of two extremes – interesting.

They asked me to be a part of the first staff development day which will be September 28th. I will be talking about blogs in educational settings. I think they are going to have a number of sessions in which the presenters will do them several times over the day and each teacher will pick 3 sessions to attend. I look forward to that!

We have more details to work out – blogging contracts, guidelines, and other such items to think about before we actual are up and blogging.

As I was driving home I thought that I’d like to take a survey with these students to get a clearer picture of their technology use. I hear all the time about how much the students know and are doing but this seems to be more with particular groups and I don’t think this is the case with at least one of these groups. I don’t want the survey to be too long but I was looking through this survey example. I really like the questions. Anyway I am working on this piece but if any of you already have one and would share that would be terrific. I am interested in how they use technology and what online tools they may use and how they generally use technology in their learning. This information was gotten from the post Some real data on Web 2.0 use on the TALL Blog. This blog is a wonderful source of information. I am still plowing through it and it is good. Here is the about blurb on their page:

The TALL group is part of the Department for Continuing Education at the University of Oxford.

We research technology & learning, develop online courseware, and provide consultancy in e-learning for in-house and external clients.

It would be worth your time to check it out. Also, if anyone knows an online tool that lends itself to this type of questioning let me know.

I love these blogging beginnings!