On one of my searches I came across a new book on educational blogging. The book is “Using Blogs to Enhance Literacy : The Next Powerful Step in 21st-Century Learning” by Diane Penrod. Diane Penrod is professor of writing arts at Rowan University, Glassboro, N.J. She directs the university’s masters program in writing and is the site director for the National Writing Project. The book was not available in the library here at Georgia State but I was able to check out a copy from Gil Express. In her preface she states, “Because literacy is a complex topic, as are the social aspects of blogging, to intersect the two creates a host of issues. To that end, I have based chapters on contemporary concerns. My hope is to make the material relevant to educators and parents who want to learn more about the blogging phenomenon beyond what is described in the mainstream media.”

The chapters cover these topics:

  1. Why blog?
  2. Blogging and New Lieracies
  3. Blogs as a New Writing Genre
  4. Gender and Blogging
  5. Ethnicity and Blogging
  6. Blogs and Bullying
  7. Encouraging Safe Blogging Practies
  8. Integrating Multiple Intelligences and Blogging
  9. Creating classroom Ethics for Blogging
  10. Blogging Matters

I like this book. I liked it well enough to buy my own copy. I particularly like to see books with a focus on literacy as it relates to blogging. Her last chapter discusses challenges facing classroom blogging and suggestions are offered for parents, teachers, and administrator. She poses lots of questions and possibilities. Lots of food for thought….