Suzie.jpgNow this session was another one that I was looking forward to attending at NECC. I first met Suzie Boss, one of the presenters, when she wrote about my first blogging project on Intel’s Innovation Odyssey. She titled the story A Place to Be Heard. That was the school year 2002-03 and the NewsQuest group of fourth and fifth graders were the very first student bloggers that I had the good fortune to work with and begin this great learning journey centered around using blogs to learn.

SuzieJane.jpgNow Suzie and her co-presenter Jane Krauss have written a book, “Revinventing Project-Based learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age.” I can’t wait till it comes out in the fall. The book takes a field guide approach. It is filled with stories about how educators are using technology to support the things they are trying to accomplish. It includes many stories from the field that show how different PBL models play out in different school contexts. There are examples from around the world. It has a thoughtful and deliberate design process in the book. Susie interviewed me for the book so I have a personal and professional interest in reading the book.
They have created a blog to continue the discussions. Here’s the Flickr photo group.

Linda Hartley, who was a virtual contributor, during the session created this informative wiki about the session.

I was able to record some of the session and listen to Suzie explain why teachers are saying “I’m just not going back.” Suzie discusses how she and Jane went about setting up this project. Listen here.ร‚ย Suzie.mp3

I also enjoyed hearing how Jane and Susie used a wiki to write this book along with Skype and and other tools. It was a great session!

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