I received an email from Curt Hopkins today about PBwiki and YackPack getting together to offer a widget you can download into your wiki that allows anyone visiting your site to just press a button and talk. I downloaded it and Lani and I tried it out. It was amazing! It is so cool and so easy!


Clips from the press release:

  • “There is something magical about hearing someone else’s voice,” said Ramit Sethi, PBwiki co-founder. “It takes collaboration to an entirely different level.”
  • Dr. BJ Fogg said, “Voice builds unity.”
  • To use the widget, sign up for a PBwiki at http://www.pbwiki.com, click the edit button on any page on your wiki, and insert the Walkie Talke plugin.

An online press conference, via the WalkieTalkie widget will be held on their press wiki, on Thursday at 6pm (PST). You just have to click this link http://press.pbwiki.com and then click the YackPack button to talk. Both Ramit from PB wiki and Dr. BJ Fogg from YackPack witll be there. I am going to try to be there!

I have been constantly amazed at PBwiki. They have been front and center with doing things to help educators and really seek educators’ input. I serve on their board but regretfully I have not participated as much as I would like to. I’ve been following all they are doing but not been involved myself too much. This year has been one filled with learning for me but somehow the research aspects of my blogging project have consumed me. Many things that I would like to be doing have had to put on hold. The end is in sight but the end means no more blogging with a special group of kids and that I don’t like!

I installed the widget on a wiki I had created in the past. I called the page Voices. I’ll have it open off and on for a while today. Yack if you like!

Accolades to PBwiki and YackPack for providing this benefit to educators and students! We appreciate you!