This post is a follow-up and completion of a previous post on Julie Coiro’s session at TRLD on “professional development, educational leadership, and digital age thinking.”  Julie has a link to models of professional development here. You can explore online examples of each of these components:

  1. School Leadership Training
  2. Whole Faculty Study Groups
  3. Quality online resources to support ongoing, sytematic professional development in the area of literacy and technology integration

Spend time on this page because it contains so much that is worthwhile. One article in particular “Making Sense of Online Text” shares four strategy lessons moving adolescents beyond random surfing to using Internet texts meaningfully.
I also discovered a link to Julie’s blog “Internet in Education.” It contains a list of ideas, resources, and research studies that focus on issues related to using the Internet in schools. I love this site that she pointed out, The Stingy Scholar. It’s all about learning for free on the web.

Julie’s work is top notch and I just keep learning and thinking. I have an idea mulling around in my head about professional development through blogging that I may try out in a school next year. It’s beginning to take shape. I’ll blog more about that later.

Thanks Julie for sharing and making such terrific contributions to educators’ professional development!