If you haven’t seen this post, There’s something happening here!, by Lani of Possibilities Abound you need to. It tells a story, a story of learning that is so compelling that I wish classrooms around the world would take a look at and indeed see the possibilities. Darren Kuropatawa of A Difference is an amazing teacher. This is just one example of the many things he is doing.

He has his students reflect on their learning prior to unit testing. Lani explains it so well in her post and points to posts that capture the student voices.. Darren calls it Blogging on Blogging and his students shortened it to Bob. Now the students are taking over and telling the story. You can feel the electricity in the air that is alive with students postings, their feelings, and learning on their blogs. They are not only learning math but their writing on their blogs pulls you right into the classroom with them. It is the kind of writing/blogging that hooks me immediately! I love stories like these.

Then Lani shares another story about Eddie, a fifth grader here in Georgia. He discovered Darren’s blog, then the students’ blog and an incredible communication has evolved. They all are learning from each other. I was fortunate to be in the classroom and see Eddie’s face as he listened to the podcast where he was the topic of their conversation in class. Here is the excerpt of the part about Eddie (AboutEddie.mp3) but I would encourage you to listen to the whole podcast . Being able to enter a class of learning like Darren’s is made possible by all these incredible web tools that Darren so effectively weaves into his classroom learning environment.

As Lani says, “There’s something happening here. Are we listening?”

Tell the story to those around you. Tell your own stories. How could anyone not be amazed by stories like this?