One of the highlights at this conference was getting to meet Julie Coiro. She is at the University of Connecticut and is part of the New Literacies Research Team. See the link here

This is an excerpt on this site about what they do:

We engage in systematic inquiry to define what students need to learn and how best to assess and teach these new skills. What also defines us is our extraordinary collaborative approach. We work as colleagues, recognizing the valuable insights that each person brings to the inquiry process. Professors, graduate researchers, teachers, school leaders, and others work shoulder to shoulder, equally contributing to the inquiry process and respecting one another as colleagues.

Her handout link from the session is here. Julie talked for a bit, then we participated in an activity. She talked about some things related to evaluatiing on the internet and we took a look at some scary things about kids on the internet in terms of what they don’t know. Most of her work has been with 5th to 7th graders.

She began her session with three stories that will really get your thinking. Take a listen to NewLiteraciesPerspective.mp3 .

Julie’s site has some dynamite activities with lessons to help our students evaluate relevancy, accuracy, reliability and point of view. She has tables showing student responses to some good questions. Ask your students some of the questions. You may be surprised at their answers. Students know you can’t believe everything on the Internet… but they do! She talks about how the authors shape the information and then hones in on the conversations we need to have with our students and questions we should be asking.

There is so much to share from her session and I am just beginning but another session calls for now.

I have so much to blog about from this wonderful conference. It’s going to take me a bit. Plus it is so encouraging to talk to the participants who are out there working for many of the same goals we’ve been talking about the past few years. You should consider attending this conference next year. It will be in January back in San Francisco!

And I had a fabulous night last night connecting with Chris and John McIntosh. It was such a special evening and I’ll be blogging about that.

I’m soaring!