I was sad to hear that Donald Murray, writer and educator died at age 82, apparently of heart failure. This article from the Boston Globe quotes from his column “Now and Then”: 

“Each time I sit down to write I don’t know if I can do it,” he wrote. “The flow of writing is always a surprise and a challenge. Click the computer on and I am 17 again, wanting to write and not knowing if I can.”

Here are some recent “Now and Then” columns. Globe readers are posting their memories here.

Leonard Witt of PJNet Today tells how Donald Murray changed his life. Be sure to read his wonderful tribute to Murray that ends with this quote:

His students are everywhere and they worship the him, as well they should, because he was a great man who helped others find their way.

I know there are many of us who have learned so much from Donald Murray. His books are our guiding lights as we strive to teach writing as process not product. He shares the process behind his column for The Boston Globe here.

He said:

After I write a draft, I read it, hearing what I have said so I can dance to the music of the draft.

 Let’s all strive to teach our students to dance to the music of the draft. Donald Murray will be missed.