What a warm way to end a wonderful Thanksgiving. The K12 Online Conference 2006 organizers sent an e-card and a video to all presenters.Thank you Lani, Darren, Sheryl and Wes! What fun! It was great to see their faces too! I am still enjoying the presentations from the conference. Even more fun!
Wes has shared some of his reflections from the conference. Read his entire post but I second his thoughts on the shift needed at all educational conferences.  Let’s write those conference evaluations and include this! Well said, Wes!

The 2006 K-12 Online conference will hopefully represent a basic shift in the way ideas and information changes hands at educational conferences. If the goal of educational conferences is to truly share ideas and make learning opportunities more accessible for learners located anywhere on the planet, I think it should follow that all the presentations at educational conferences should be made available as downloadable podcasts after each conference. In the spirit of “open content” (www.wtvi.com/teks/06_07_articles/ethic-open-digital-content.html) these materials should be offered as free downloads. When possible, presentations should be pre-recorded and made available to conference attendees in advance. When this presentation model is followed, interactive face-to-face discussions can take place at the actual conference about ideas that presenters have shared in advance via downloadable presentations. Hopefully we will see more educational conferences in the future follow these ideas which were modeled so well in K-12 Online!