I’m joining in on this parade to send accolades to Lani, Nancy, Vicki, and Chris! They took the time to comment to the new bloggers from the EDLA 7550 class. It looks like the class is getting ready to beginning to strike up some interesting conversations on music in Shakespeare’s language. Can’t you hear the band? The professor asks this question on her blog:

How can you help students understand the power of his language, appreciate the beauty of his speeches and recognize the universality of characters and themes in Shakespearean and contemporary discourses?

Now I know you don’t want to miss out on these conversations. So join the parade and add your own thought provoking comments.

Again, thank you Lani, Nancy, Vicki and Chris for leading the way!

It made me think about a previous post I made, Comments make a difference.

It is the connector for our students and students of all ages will appreciate you joining the parade.