I was honored to make the shortlist for the 2005 International Edublog Awards in the category: “best teachers blog“. I said that really touched my heart. Then to be a joint winner in the final vote with Konrad Glogowski isreally special.The entire group of edubloggers are winners, both on and off the list. We keep seeing more and more exceptional educational blogs every day. We are getting our voices and the voices of our students heard! I truly believe these voices will help bring about needed changes in our educational system. So my hope is that the list of edubloggers keeps growing as it has grown this year. Wow! Just think
about those possibilities just a multiplying! It makes me soar!

I thank this whole learning community and extend a special thank you to Josie Fraser who did a spectacular job of managing and hosting the awards, to Dave Cormier for hosting and listing his top 10 news events of the edublogging year, and to James Farmer for initiating the idea of awards. Their efforts are helping to put edublogs on the map! Well done!