Today is my last day of my first placement!!!! And boy I am tired. If any of my friends (who are not teachers ) comment that teachers have an easy life, what with all those holidays. I will have SOMETHING to say to them. Teacher’s work really really hard, and I salute them for that.

Now this is a girl after my own heart! Doesn’t it give you a warm feelingfrom head to toe? Hey, I’m still having SOMETHING to say to my own friends some 20+ years later! If you haven’t been reading Probation and Beyond by Lesley you’re missing out. I have been following her blog as she goes through her first placement. It’s a delightful read. She has learned alot and has been very willing to share the ups and downs. I have enjoyed being able to comment on some of her posts.The feedback thather teacher gives her through the comments is a fantastic model for all of us to note. Her teacher is David Muir of EdCompBlog. Listen to the good advice he gives her in one comment to her How do I NOT be nice? post.

General advice however is not to try and be the class teacher. Although you are borrowing the class, you should still aim to impose your own style and your own standards. If you had the opportunity to shadow a class, you will have noticed how classes adapt to different teacher and different styles throughout the day. You should act with authority in the classroom – while you are teaching them they are your class, so try to get over the “not really my class” feeling, decide that you are in charge and act accordingly. A least part of being in control of a class is acting with confidence. One of the other Bayley videos shows a teacher who typically said things like, “Could you maybe start to settle down please.” Bayley asked her if she was asking ortelling? If you want them to be quiet, tell them to be quiet and expect them to obey. Probably need to talk about this more than thereis space to do here. Send an email if you want to discuss it further. Would you mind if I asked teachers reading my blog to come here andoffer their advice too?

Soooooo, if you’re not reading his blog, you’re again missing out. His latest post, I Blog, therefore I think, is excellent! I sure hope Lesley keeps blogging. She mentioned that she may. We need thoughtful young bloggers like Lesley to add to the conversations!