Here’s a dilemma I can write about and would love to get some feedback.

A high school student in my blogging group found a thought-provoking article entitled “Cheating Gets You Nowhere”.

Click on student papers.The article was written by a college student (T. J. Dougherty) and it

is listed on a page with numerous other articles. Some of the titles

may be inappropriate for students to read. I haven’t read all the other

articles but just the titles will be enough to cause concern.  I

can’t get the link to go directly to the one article. If someone knows

the answer to that, that could solve the problem. I guess I could make

the paper into a pdf but then there are copyright issues, etc. A lot of

these articles would be of high interest to the students in the

blogging class. Some great discussions and blogging could result. And we are going to constantly come up to the problem

of periphereal inappropriate items (does that make sense?).  How do we

pull some out and still not be right in the midst of other links that could cause uproars?

And we have to think about younger students who will be reading the high school student posts. What to do?

I’ve tossed the problem back to the school to see what they think. Just thought I’d toss the issue out for comment and ideas.

As I continue this blogging process, I’ve decided to make a dilemma

category. Wonder how many I will have by the end of the year?