“I encourage you to read it before we have our Open House parent nights

so you will have a deeper insight into my remarks about what we are

doing at Mabry Middle School to begin preparing your children to be

global life-long learners and collaborators who will be competitive in

the global job market.”  

The above is from Dr. Tim Tyson’s blog.

Dr. Tyson is a middle school principal in Cobb County in Georgia. He heard about

this book at a conference this summer. He thinks it is essential

reading for every parent of every child at Mabry Middle School and

should even be required reading for most of the students, at least in

the 8th grade.

Dr. Tyson, a principal in Cobb County, is requiring every subject area

coordinator at Mabry to read the book. Then the books will be passed around the

whole staff. Dr. Tyson went on to say…..

In a

very easy and assessable writing style, this book presents some rather

sobering and substantive ideas with which everyone should grapple and

give careful thought, whether you see the patterns in world events he

proposes in his book or not. But my guess is, the book will ring true

to what you are reading and seeing in the news, what may well be

happening in your workplace or that of your friends and colleagues.

The book he is talking about is…….

“The World Is Flat” by: Thomas L. Friedman

Now I

sure hope he gets his staff and community blogging about what they are

learning and thinking. Lots of blogs are being created at this school.

See the page that lists all the blogs, complete with teacher’s names,

number of posts, when updated, and the categories. The blogs appear to

be of an informational type.

I hope

the students get involved in the conversations. I hope the

conversations involve lots of rethinking about what we need to do in

our schools.

“Flattening a middle school” – it should make for an interesting year. I wish Dr. Tyson and his staff the best