Daily Archives: March 4, 2005

Get Your Blog in Shape!

Mrs. Roper, the PE teacher at J. H. House read the Blooming Bloggers weblogs. Here’s a peek at part of her first blog:

I am embarking on this cyberspace adventure because to the JHH Blooming Bloggers.  This group of remarkable students let me have a sneak peek at blogs detailing their favorite sports.  My love of sports and their fascinating blogs were a perfect match.  Making

comments on their posts resulted in the most exciting part of my

blogging experience ~ the students responding to my comments.  Now I am hooked!

My goal is to get this blog in shape.  Along the way I will address issues concerning health, fitness and P.E. happenings.  Let the adventure beginΣ 

Go read Get Your Blog in Shape!

It’s going to be a good one!  Stacy also does some pretty amazing

things with technology. I’m going to get her to share that with you,


It sure is fun seeing so many more educators starting to join the blogging world!


Patrick Update

I wish you could have seen Patrick’s face yesterday. He was overwhelmed and could barely speak. It was really something as I watched him carefully read every comment. From time to time, he would look up and tell me something that was said. It took a while. Patrick is a slow, careful, methodical learner. He has to have time to process and I could feel his total amazement that this many people had cared. He had 12 responses to his “Fifth Grade” post. All of the responses were absolutely wonderful I’ve posted about this before here and here.

Now Patrick is on a mission – he is working on a draft to respond to each and every person who wrote to him. Of course this is going to take some time and both his teacher and the ITS at the school will help there by giving him the time he needs to do this. Think about what he’s learning. He has to read and reread. He selected something from each comment to post about and to think about how that affected him and put it into words. He is hard at work on his writing skills so he can communicate what he wants, proof his work, and many other things that only Patrick could share with us.

Now this is something that most elementary students would cave under as it’s quite a comprehensive writing project to undertake. Yet, Patrick wants to do this and will indeed go that extra mile. Wow! I’ll keep you posted!

Yesterday was one of those days that you know why you teach! And yes indeed, I know why I blog with students!! Those great moments in the classroom are just magnified in such incredible ways!

Reflections from a student

This comes straight from one of the students in my “Teachers & Technology”

class.  She was writing her midterm reflection. I’m pulling one

excerpt because it’s a good example of information overload and some

good that can come out of reflecting about what you are doing. I won’t

point to her blog just yet as she just might forget to breathe.

Already, I have progressed from getting completely lost in the

terminology to realizing that, while I may be causing the glitch, it is

repairable. I now know what address I need in order to blog and what

address I need to read others’ blogs. I can navigate and compose and

even risked placing graphics within my website. Once I learn the

correct way, it gets so much easier. It’s still taking me an incredible

amount of time to understand where I’m going wrong but hopefully the

learning curve, while initially steep, will start to level off.

I am still not doing much differently with technology outside of this

course since I don’t have much opportunity for that, plus I am spending

so much time just completing assignments. I am feeling more confident

and was amused the other day when the subject of blogging arose and I

was the only one in my circle of friends that had a clue what that was

about. I may become the IT expert in my social circle by the end of the


I have developed one pedagogical strength from this. Before, having always been at the top


my class in my endeavors, I had wondered how I would handle the

challenge of teaching a struggling class of students. Last week’s

scenario that involved turning in the incorrect Lesson Plans coupled

with no memory of being shown how to access Documentation made me

realize that one can truly become so overwhlemed that one cannot hear

what is being said. I knew theoretically this happens to students and

having now experienced it, I think I’m better prepared to empathize and

(as you did) help them get over the sensory overload and back on track.

So, Mrs. Davis, continue to inspire us and power point us in the direction we need to go. We will blog and navigate as well as we can with hopes of composing a great final product. Will we improve–only our rubrics will know. You’re teaching us well and if we look faint–just remind us to breathe.

I’m getting

some good reflections from this class. We need to start these type of

reflections in elementary school and continue them in middle and high

school. It’s amazing information and helps us connect on the learning

journey.  Blogs are perfect for that.