Pre-Cal 40S

I love this blog! Math was not my favorite subject in school but this makes me think I might have grown to love math if I had had a teacher like Mr. Kuropatwa. I work with a lot of math professors and this weblog is going to be a great example to show them.

Mr. Kuropatwa’s tag line is:

An interactive log for students and parents in my Pre-Cal 40S class.nThis ongoing dialogue is as rich as YOU make it. Visit often and post your comments freely. He says the blog is a place to talk about what’s happening in class, to ask a question you
didn’t get a chance to answer in class, for parents to know what’s going on, to share knowledge with others and most importantly…….a place to reflect on what they’re learning.

He gives these directions for the posting by the students:

The kind of post I’d like you to make should have one or more of these characteristics:

  • A reflection on a particular class (like the first two paragraphs above).
  • A reflective comment on your progress in the course.
  • A comment on something that you’ve learned that you thought was “cool”.
  • A comment about something that you found very hard to understand but nowyou get it! Describe what sparked that “moment of clarity” and what it felt like.
  • Have you come across something we discussed in class out there in the “real world” or another class? Describe the connection you made.
  • Respond to a Blogging Prompt

He places interesting pictures on the blog and asks thought-provoking questions, tells what he wonders and does all of this in a very upbeat manner. See Around the Benz. This post, Circular Functions, by Adrien G is awesome. Here’s the beginning:

We have spent hours on this subject. I have found that this blog has helped alot with my learning compared to last semesters blogless course. It has allowed me to get another perspective to a subject that I have never really understood. The extra help given from websites that revolve around pre-cal is invaluable knowledge. These sites have helped me see what we are talking about in a more pictoral environment.

That’s the beginning. Go read the rest. The conversations being shared as they are learning Pre-Cal are amazing I found myself reading throught the entire blog and learned a lot in the process. I hope we see lots more math weblogs like this!