This past

Thursday I asked my fifth graders to blog about something they felt

passionate about. I have to share Patrick’s post.

5th Grade

The main thing I’m passionate about

is passing fifth grade. The only reasons are because my brother said

I’m going to fail all the grades. I plan to get smarter. So now I am

planning to pass every grade. I

already started to make good grades so I’m confident that I’m going to

pass. The main topics I’m felling is Spelling, and Reading. If I could

pass those and pass fifth grade I could prove to my brother that I’m

not stupid. If you have an

older brother or sister tell  you this one time or if he or she treated

you bad or good, you just got to get over it and do the best you can in

school that is what I am going to do.

Now I share this with you for two reasons:

  1. Patrick came to

    the group as a student who needed lots of reinforcement. He is a smart

    boy who has lots of difficulty  reading and writing. I talked with

    his teacher and we both agreed that blogging would perhaps be a good

    forum for Patrick t to see reasons for writing and begin to experience

    success. He has trouble getting down to work. His motor starts a little

    slower. That’s OK. He has things to say and when we hear those things

    we can help.

  2. Two educators have already responded and it’s awesome.


You really expressed yourself well in your blog. You know that you can

do anything that you are willing to put forth a little more effort than

maybe what most kids seem to. I know from experience myself. I had 3

sisters and 1 brother and I was not as good in school as them. I have

learned though as time goes on that everyone can achieve and reach

their goal but maybe not at the same pace as another and there is

nothing wrong with that. I think that makes a person even more

admirable that puts forth the effort. Thank you for sharing your

thoughts and I know that you will reach your goal! Keep up the hard

work, you can do it!

J. Smith

It’s wonderful that you are passionate about your education Patrick!

Your goal is within your reach ~ it is all in your hands. I think that

you are very smart. I can tell that by reading your blog.

The sky is the limit. Don’t ever give up on yourself no matter what

your brother has told you. Prove him wrong! Pass the 5th grade and

don’t stop there! Keep going and one day you could be a college

graduate. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Above all else, keep your word

and do your best. I’ll be cheering for you and I bet that all of your

teachers at House will be too!

Ms. Roper


I know that I am guilty  from time to time of asking you to post

on the student blogs but wouldn’t it be more than awesome if Patrick

got LOTS of reinforcement to do his best so if you have a minute make a

connection with Patrick by commenting on his post……..