Yep, I’m still dreaming. Dare to Dream – that’s my motto! I read an article in Classroom Leadership and it ties right in with my post yesterday. The article is Bridging the Gap

by Darrell “Coach D” Andrews. He talks about those “ah-ha” moments when

everything connects and you see true learning taking place. A quote

from his article:

In math, for example, we learn that if A=B and B=C, then

A=C. Tell students they can use this skill to make better life choices:

if Hanging out with the wrong crowd = Missing classes and Missing

classes = Dropping out of school, then Hanging out with the wrong crowd =

Dropping out of school. This kind of critical thinking can help students

assess the effects of their choices.

Now how about using weblogs in those math high school classes and let the students make their own if A=B and B=C, then A=C connections? Wouldn’t that make for some good reading and commenting? I like it!

Then the author gave the following examples to make it work in the classroom:

You can help students make links between learning and life by

doing some of the following:

  • Start a schoolwide dream initiative. This jumpstarts the focus of

    connecting dreams to education and creates a support system for students to

    embrace the concept and make the right choices.

  • Make a dream poster. This provides a visual representation of the

    future students want and the steps they need to take to achieve it.

  • Write a dream speech or newspaper headline. This exercise allows

    students to look into the future and write about what they see themselves

    accomplishing. As a follow-up exercise, they would write the steps they need to

    take to achieve this dream.

  • Fill-in-the-blank survey. You can create a survey that the student

    would complete talking about her future. For example:

    When I become 25, I would like to ___________________ with

    my life. I would like to do this because________________. I need to

    ________________ while I am in school because ________________________.

    It’s important to help students make connections between

    today’s education and tomorrow’s ambition. When they do so, there is a higher

    level of enthusiasm about school and students make choices that will result in

    more promising futures.

This would be great starters for the school-wide weblog seeking out student voices!I sure like the connections Coach D

is making!  I read that he will be presenting “Building Bridges,

Breaking Barriers: Connecting Dreams to Education” at the 2005 ASCD

Annual Conference. Wish I could attend and hear his talk. Let’s get him