I’m back at work after a tough week. Yesterday, my good friends at J.H House were the best therapy I could hope for. I’m surfacing…..I know I have struggles ahead….I’m trying to figure out the best way to make the most of the days ahead for my mom and my family and friends…. There’s no blueprint here so I’m going day to day. I thank all of you who emailed and/or commented. It means a lot. Gosh, I’ve always felt lucky to have a school family outside of my own family, but I also have a blogging family. I feel blessed.

It feels good to feel a bit of normalcy as I get back to blogging here. Yesterday I was at J.H. House and you can read an update on the blogging project at The Write Weblog. I would really appreciate any input from other edubloggers, especially those of you who use TypePad. I’m trying to keep more detailed notes on the process as I think it might help others down the road who want to attempt blogging projects themselves.