I think Will and I must be on the same wave length with comments. Yesterday on his Journalism 2 weblog he assigned his students Something Different.  He asked his students to go on a quest……. “to read their colleagues Weblogs and find some real gems that the rest of us can benefit from.” His students are “commenting away” and making some really astute observations.

I loved reading the comments his students made and guess what!  I am going to take some of the comments back to my Wrinkles students as good examples. There were so many good comments and I could only pick a few. All of his students need to know that every single one of them had good things written, but I only have a two hour session.  I have probably tried to squeeze in too many already.  Choosing was definitely not easy. Here’s the lesson, Learning from other student voices!,  for my students.  It’s going to be fun! There will be a whole lot of learning going on!

So Will’s students are being teachers again, although indirectly this time.  That is what is so cool to me – using the different voices to learn from each other.  We just have got to get more students voices in this whole mix. Will is doing a super job with his students. The students themselves are wonderful writers. They’re fast becoming one of my favorite reads.

I just noted Will’s post today where he follows up and reminds his students of the collective greatness of his class and how they need to encourage and continue to share. This is what educational weblogs are all about.. the voices.