Today was a red letter day in my Wrinkles class!  Cristian started reading the English that I was writing for him. I mean REALLY reading and understanding what he was reading. WOW!  What a moment! He and I were grinning like cheshire cats because the light bulbs were coming on everywhere!  I love working with these kids.  They are so excited about Super Thinker visiting their weblogs – and yes, they are sure Super Thinker is a teacher!  Why are we such dead give aways?  We aren’t wearing signs so what gives?  Don’t answer…..

I really like the Idioms Are Fun site that I have created.  It is simple.  Yet, the kids are getting so much out of it.  I am going to start trying to think of more ideas like that.  I think we could do a better job of getting other educators to start if we can come up with simple ideas that are effective.

Yep, it was a red letter day in Georgia! The only down side is I have to wait until next year to see them again!